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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
I know what you mean. Despite the Prius overcoming most of my paper hangups about hybrids, I still just don't want one (never mind that it doesn't have three rows of seats required by our next vehicle). Partly this is styling and partly the cheap feeling interior for the price. I still feel, though, that deep down it goes beyond that for me. A TCH or FFH, which largely fly under the radar, appeal to me much more than a Prius, which is conspicuously hybrid, yet still not enough for me to really actually want one. Much like you.

Yeah I wish so many eco cars weren't fugly. That's another reason I feel like the HX is PERFECT, because tasteful mods can make them look pretty good, and that's not to say it's not good looking as-is. I like the stock enkei rims, too. The TCH and FFH don't look bad, you're right. If I had that budget though I wouldn't give a crap about fuel expense, I'd be in a mkIV supra, or something else comfortable, powerful, clean, and fun.

Oh and yeah, I hate priuses more because of that accident. I already didn't like them but now they make me cringe (or scream if they're in the way). I had to fight over a year, eventually winning a lawsuit, because a careless woman backed into the street and smaked our car, tweaking my neck; and they (the insurance of the car owner, not the driver) didn't want to cover basic treatment. Don't support Farmers, they can burn in hell. Also, don't stand near hybrids or drive by without observing their occupancy, they're silent killers.

Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
I'm way to lazy to sit here and read all these posts, so I'll just respond to what I got from reading the couple of posts.

Buy a HX, 96-00, 97-98 seems to be the most popular year that doesn't get molested, no idea why. I bought mine for 2k, and have only put about 300$ into it and it's in good running condition now. I was terrified to change the dizzy o'ring and vtech solenoid gasket myself but, I did it and I'm really happy I did. If you can find one in perfect condition for around 3.5k it would be worth it. Even in bad condition (as long as it doesn't have a blown head gasket or something) you can just youtube the basic repairs and do most, if not all of them yourself.

[Edit]: Something like this would be perfect for you: 1998 Honda Civic Hx. Registered SMOGGED
Thanks for the tips! and the price info, it's hard to believe these cars are so inexpensive, but they are old and after all just a civic. Still though, I'm happy not to need a $6k budget.

I have a guy responding to my HX want ad, but sadly his has 250k miles on it, it's been lowered, and he didn't seem to know if it had any basic things done, like timing belt, clutch...etc. I was shocked but he said since 2007 and the last 100k or hasn't needed major work.
I will look at it tomorrow but I'm also going to tell him his $3k asking price is way high for that mileage without major parts being replaced
Perhaps I could offer $500-$1000 for it? I have yet to see it, but at least I'll get to see a HX for a few minutes, which is my main incentive at this point.

He said he'd probably take an offer if I made one but I dunno what he exects and then I'd have to go about getting the...

cosmetic issues worked out (crack in bumper...etc)
correct enkei rims in good shape found, and new tires to fit
new clutch
possible engine rebuild (i mean it's 250k miles...holy crap)
wheel bearings
new sensors
new front seat (minor tears so I'd want something fresh eventually)
full tuneup including timing belt, dizzy/rotor, plugs, wires, EGR cleaning
tranny rebuild??

I don't want to do a rebuild myself, the rest I'm game. It's just a bummer when I wanted to just get a $3000-$3500 nice car and be done with it. I will pass I think but I'm still going to look at it. Who knows maybe he'll take $500? lol.
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