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2000 Mazda Miata from SF

Okay I live just across SF,CA. It is much flatter on this side, but one can find hills close. Have I said HI?

I have had this vehicle for 3yrs. I started learning manual transmission the first day I got it. I shifted it like a 2.2L toyota with a 4 spd auto. Bad idea! got 19mpg the whole summer. (dont know why, probs cause of short intown trips).

Later I learned to drive it faster, shifts at 3100 for this 1.8L from mazda. Mpg was at a healthy 22-24. Then I got bored tried on 185/70 vs the stock 60 sidewalls. I think I got 26mpg once I did the math differences. I didnt like the truck tires on my convertable or how it drove so I switched back.

This time tried some honda sparkplugs, which were supposed to be extended tip, psudo adv timing, and one heat range colder. I felt that torque came on 500rpm earlier (i was very happy because before I had to wait to 2200 or shift higher and not let rpms drop). This led me to have 22mpg. THis is how its been since. I get a constant 22mpg in city and that's okay for the trade off in torque.

I use regular gas, it has 112K miles, 195/50-15 summer 300AA tires (6yr old 1/2 way gone), regular maintenance, I used to use 5w-20 synth then it started leaking, switched back to the factory 5w-30.

Since the short trips and me getting tired of warming up the car I wanted to try out an engine heater to speed up warm up. I was thinking of having a 600W type and using it for 10-20mins in the morning. Hoping to get 3-5mpg.

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