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Welcome. Do you have any form of instant mileage feed back like a Scanguage or UltraGuage? Go here for your biggest and cheapest FE increase 100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg - also known as "adjusting the nut behind the wheel".

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This time tried some honda sparkplugs, which were supposed to be extended tip, psudo adv timing, and one heat range colder. I felt that torque came on 500rpm earlier (i was very happy because before I had to wait to 2200 or shift higher and not let rpms drop). This led me to have 22mpg. THis is how its been since. I get a constant 22mpg in city and that's okay for the trade off in torque.
Where there any indications that the heat rang needed to be changed melting electrode or abnormal deposits?

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Since the short trips and me getting tired of warming up the car I wanted to try out an engine heater to speed up warm up. I was thinking of having a 600W type and using it for 10-20mins in the morning. Hoping to get 3-5mpg.
Many have used block and oil pan heater to increase mileage just use the search function to find particulars. A grill block can also help the engine heat up more quickly.
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