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Originally Posted by flores View Post
Note to self: Trying to reprogram the micro but pickit fails to connect all the time? disconnect the dc-dc connection and it works.
Is this with the DC-DC powered or just connected?

When i have programmed pics in circuit it was always on a un-powered circuit with the pickit supplying the power.
I haven't tried it with the target circuit being powered and setting the pickit to not supply power.

The pickit is only capable of supplying a limited amount of current to the circuit when it is powering the circuit (depends on USB port power output i think). If you are supplying power from the pickit then maybe the un-powered DC-DC is loading the pickit beyond its current capacity?

Does the programming interface throw any errors?
I use the Linux version of the MPLAB programmer and it tells me when the target circuit is trying to take too much power from the pickit.

BTW How cool is it to be able to connect a pickit and upload new software that can totally change the abilities of the target circuit. When i first started messing about with electronics (30 years ago, yeah people say i'm getting old, i don't believe them) even the smallest change in the way a circuit needed to function required a re-design and re-build of the circuit. It really is fun to make a software change and upload it and see the circuit magically work in a totally new way.
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