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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
That much oxidation is a good indicator that the car was somehwere where they used salt on the highways in winter.

Could be, I know it's been registered in California throughout it's life. Below is the history report. I know it doesn't exempt it from travels on salty roads but we live near the ocean here so that could have something to do with it? Does that level of oxidation automatically mean salt? I'll be looking under the car too.

Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Which means it's probably a 49 state car.
It's a california car as far as I know.

The owner said he didn't know of body work and thought he purchased it from the original owner, both aren't true, but he sounds honest enough. I am curious what all the lien tags are from though, and the owner before the current owner claimed to have purchased the car in 2000, which seems to match the line with "Title Lien Reported."

I suppose I could be talking to a fake "previous owner" but anyway, I dunno what to think about the fourth Title entry in 2005 though. Perhaps a change in named owners within the family?

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