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Okay, been reading thru the 65 tips. And I thought about it plenty, yesterday. I'm literally stuck with the fuel economy that I have, more or less. I do have a spare intake cam with increased duration and lift, by phasing that I can do some psudo-atkinson engine, though taking the engine apart to reset it to normal will be a chore.

New plan of attack:
-skinny 175/60-14 440 AA tires to replace worn 195/50-15 300 A A (13lbs vs 18)
-wheels 10.6lbs 14x6's vs the 13lbs stock 15's
(so going from 30-32lbs per wheel/tire to 22lbs, who here thinks this will make a difference?)

-block off with clear acrylic the foglight holes. 2.5" round cut outs.
-replace heavy 25lbs muffler with new magnaflow 2.25" round muffler wt ~9lbs.
-I've heard new front wheel bearings do give 3-5mpg, do sealed units age?
-LED third brake light to reduce amp load on alternator, cutting load from 5A to 3.5A or 2/3rds. Or 55Watts.
-New alternator belt?/timing belt?

And what I've done:
Spark plug wires/plugs not even 3K on them
Air filter
techron cleaner
new shocks and springs (lowered front by 1/2inch)
tore out AC and PS (40lbs and 10lbs)
7lbs battery vs 21lbs stock
semi synth drivetrain oils.
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