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Hey Bob,

Perhaps you could check your rhetoric just a tad. Sendler's been here for a while now and by his numbers doesn't appear to be completely clueless - whereas you have not "put up" at all.


I think the decomp lever is a great thing to control from inside the car. For starters CJ posted some bonkers numbers in his GGP, so he must be doing everything, or nearly everything, right - including the decomp control.

Triggering the decomp while coasting will take a lot of drag off the engine, whose rotating mass then adds its inertia if left in gear to the car and make it glide after downhills as if it were a larger car. Not only that but it will also do a fair amount of air cooling which may help prevent the electric fan coming on during operation, a not-insignificant savings.


Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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