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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Crap like that really makes me angry. I would have offered him 1,500 just for him wasting my time. Just keep looking, I'm sure something will turn up eventually.
Yeah I agree, I could have but honestly I don't really want to nurse a car back to health, let alone one with previous body work, possibly BHG and assorted interior issues. That's what my current car has!!!

+1 my HX feels nice and solid. And the driver door even got taken apart because the previous owner said he broke the door handle by accident.
Great to know, thank you! I believe if you know where clips are and pay attention a door can be disassembled and reassembled without issue. Are your window seals fresh? that can also cause extra vibration and I'm not sure what to expect for a car from 1997. My 1986.5 has bad seals...but by mom's 1996 doesn' I guess hit or miss depending on garaged or not?

Originally Posted by mbolton1990 View Post
Yea for one to feel that bad it's got to have missing/very loose screws or been in a pretty serious accident.Having severely worn hinges could have an effect too,don't lose hope though man a clean OE HX is well worth the wait!Id LOVE to have one.

Oh and I got the heart out of a wrecked one (D16Y5 & ECU)a few weeks ago at our local PNP for under $200,w00t!!
Thanks for the reminder on the hinges and tips, I'll keep that in mind. Good score on the engine, is it solid and do you know the mileage? Not bad when an ECU costs about $80-$120 on ebay...

I'll keep looking and bumping this thread now and again. I may be going up to Washington with a friend if I find good options up there and the trip isn't a hassle. I'd love to have a road trip where I drive a new car home!

Also it's nice that I know what neglect looks and feels like in a Honda. Do you guys have any backlash in the drivetrain when you let off the gas or does your drivetrain pretty much have no play?

This car felt like it had some play in the CV joints or tranny but I don't know what's normal. My supra has horrible backlash but it's also got more joints and more age.
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