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I have posted my results on other web forums, hoping that the tremendous savings I have gotten will influence others who were unaware of just how beneficial hypermiling can be.

Needless to say, some people just refuse. One person tried to argue that it is better to drive with the A/C at a slower speed than with the windows down. Another told me that by shifting at a low RPM I was going to destroy my engine. He claimed that 4 cylinder cars like mine required shifting at a higher RPM.

I hope everyone else is having better luck than I am having.
Yeah, I'm having better luck spreading the word with my modest improvements to show for it (33mpg -> 38mpg) but the people I talked to were desperate to save money on gas, didn't know much about cars and trusted me.

My 5 pillars of fuel efficiency:
  • driving style
  • aerodynamics
  • tires
  • weight reduction
  • engine maintenance
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