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Got MPG?
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
You are bound and determined to open that thing up, huh. Who do you intend to bless with all the cacophony- people in town don't want to hear it, and people in the country don't either.

If you want to drive around and get good fuel economy, it probably isn't going to happen in a truck. I don't understand why that concept is so difficult for so many.
I never wanted to make it loud, just cheaper to drive. Good fuel economy in a truck is an oxymoron but I went for the 4-banger route. The problem is that at 100 kph it revs at just over 3000 RPM, I would probably be able to hear the exhaust on the highway, and it'll probably sound like ass. Not in my truck... but if for $200 I could install an exhaust flip to make it loud, I would do it. But if losing the muffler causes a loss in backpressure causing lower MPG it has not achieved anything.. when I look at fuelly and even on this forum for the MPG numbers on SUV's I'm already doing extremely well. Disturbingly well. I want to get 35 MPG though. That's the goal.

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