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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Humm... Either I'm confused, or you are. First you say you don't want it to sound like crap, then you describe everything you plan to do to make it sound like crap. Then you tell us you're working on a truck, but later say it's a Suzuki Vitara. Maybe you need to go back to square 1 and get organized :-)
Suzuki Vitara is a truck. It's an SUV, full 4x4 capabilities, I call it a truck.

True, I don't want it to sound like crap. That's why I was describing a scenario where I could hypothetically have two muffers on a switch, or an electric cutoff to go to zero muffler, so I could have a 100% quiet vehicle or a loud one, but you say it will not help MPG if I install something like that so that ship has sailed.

I don't want it to sound like crap but right now it's dead silent. All I can hear is engine. I want some sort of muffler system that is halfway to a performance exhaust, but since a company in Australia makes a long tube header that replaces the 1st cat, I think this will change the sound of the vehicle enough to leave the stock exhaust in there from the 2nd cat and back. To clarify, deleting the 1st cat.

It looks similar to this:

^ that's 1 bank of the V6 model's manifold. The inline 4 looks somewhat like that, but 4 cylinders.

Here's what the header exactly is:

I know I described scenarios that make it sound like crap but only if they would increase or maximize efficiency. For example, two magnaflows inline to each other, they are a straight tube design and having two should sound quieter than one... The header should change the sound of it enough though. Now if the ECU A/F ratio is thrown off and there is a way to fix it...
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