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Hey guys. We'll, good to be back to my thread...


Thank you each for the kind welcome and support.

I do plan to lower the vehicle, but nothing extreme, and with traditional camber. I try to be conscious of drive-ability when planning suspension height. I need to keep a healthy distance of space to allot for wheel travel, as well as guard the oil pan and sub-frame from any damage during daily commutes. I’ll likely look on CL to purchase used, yet quality, lowering springs that allow use of the OEM shocks, and do not compromise ride comfort (that much). My goal would be a 2 to 2.5 “finger gap” at all corners. I can bridge the rest of the floor gap with custom side-skirts/lips, should I ever choose to build those for aero-function.

Here’s some pics of all of my past projects. They give a snapshot to my build style and history.





2013 (A)

2013 (B)


As I stated earlier, I’m really excited about this project, as it differs from anything I’ve done previously. I love grassroots-style movements, and it’s neat to see what FE-minded enthusiasts are doing about current gas prices and leaving a lower carbon footprint on mother earth. I pose that one can have a safe and reliable car that is: (1) paid for ; (2) looks good; (3) has excellent fuel economy. It’s certainly going against the grain, but I’m happy to do so, as car payments stink, and so does trips to the gas station.

Below are the some pics and overview info. of my 1992 Civic VX, as received. My next post will then outline build plans, followed by my first set of updates.

CarFax reveals this one to be a Carolina-only car. A bought the car for a gentlemen in SC who did a great deal of maintenance (timing belt, battery, radiator, tranny oil changes, cleaning here/there) during his short tenure owning the vehicle. The original alternator died on my while driving the car back to NC at 12:30 in the morning on the interstate. I limped the car to a gas station and we all rode back in my wife’s Accord. The seller was very kind, he drove an hour north to where the Civic was parked, diagnosed the alternator as being the issue, fixed the car (on his own dime) and parked it at a WalMart. I picked it up that night. LIkely, appears that him washing the engine a few hours before my test drive short-circuited the alternator. Cool of him to fix it, even though there was no way of proving this is what caused the issue.

The underside is very clean/rust-free. The “Milano Pink” paint is a bit past it’s glory days, but I do believe/hope that the troubled spots are salvageable with some cut/polish work. A pinstripe removal tool will also do wonders for the aesthetics.

The interior is black/gray, which is rare and desirable choice amongst Honda enthusiasts. An armrest is also present, which I understand was a dealer option/upgrade. Smoke-free vehicle history. Restoration work needed on the door cards and the drivers seat cover. Upgrades are needed in the audio department, in general.

Mechanically, I’d say I inherited the car at....hmmm...7.5 out of 10. I was hoping it would be in a bit better condition, but things certainly could have been worse. Car felt a bit under-powered on the way home, even despite the economy engineering of the VX. Tires are very new, Michelin Green X LRR. Clutch feels a little worn, slow to engage. Also, the shifter feels...crunchy. Power is good. A few hiccups in the fuel delivery, at times, only happens when in low RPMS. Grounding cables need replacement/upgrading.
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