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A cut-out requires you to have a y-pipe leading to the cut-out... which will definitely affect the laminar flow within the exhaust.


As for buying a piggyback for fuel economy, you have to do a lot of research. Many cars will "relearn" around a piggyback, adapting to the change in fueling parameters by altering the fuel maps over time. Which means you need an O2 sensor intercept, which will cost extra.

And the amount of money spent on a piggyback will often not be recovered through fuel savings. A piggyback that works properly costs a bit of money, as do the dyno-tuning or street-tuning required to get best performance (alternatively, you could tune it yourself, but that means spending more money on a wideband O2 and software).

Aero modifications will net you similar gains, for less capital outlay. Possibly even more if you go crazy.

And... driving habit modifications (which includes your choice of tires and daily tire pressures) have the potential to net you even more gains than that. If I recall right, some authorities claim gains of 30% or more are possible simply from driving habits.
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