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The best thing for better mileage is to leave the stock engine stock. Don't mess with it aside from preventative maintenance. If there are any mileage gains by upgrading an engine, it will probably take a couple hundred thousand miles to pay back.

Tuners are usually the same way. You will pay $$$ and might have some gains, but is it worth it financially? It could take 1,000,000 miles to pay off a tuner. Plus, before and after testing is needed to prove the tune actually works, which means ABA testing in controlled conditions and swapping the tune back and forth. I am not saying don't do it, but tuning a modern fuel injected car is not worth it financially. It may be worth it as a hobby or for personal reasons.

As stated several times, work on aero mods and rolling resistance. Fuel consumption is directly related to how much work the engine is doing. More work = more energy = more gas consumed.
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