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Funny how so many people are ready to shoot down things they have never tried or witnessed themselves. By definition isn't that gossip?

And not to be Mr. Conspiracy here but look at the numbers, and patents held by automotive manufacturers that can get better mileage. Why would anyone want to make a more efficient vehicle? FACEPALM.

Anyway no offense to those who think and try for themselves. I'm just a self employed high school drop out living a better life than most people I know who have student loans.

Naysayers really get to me. Anyway. I'm one of those "idiots" who is actually trying vapor burning. Not just turning it down regurgitating the useless garbage passed on by "engineers" and "mechanics".

My truck runs, (get this) COOLER ON VAPOR! Weird I know in 100 degree weather. I hit 100 miles before my fuel gauge has gone down to the F = full tank. My beast is a 4L V6. Best on liquid = 19.6 combined.

First test to see if it was feasible to try, my lawn mower. OBVIOUSLY it is not apples to apples. Using a graduated cylinder, I measured exactly 2 ounces of gas and put it into the fuel line. Ran for 23 seconds. Took another 2 ounces, and put it in a bottle. ran a tube just above the gas level and the other end into where the filter attaches. It ran for 2 minutes.

So, before anyone wants to throw THEORY at me, make sure you have actually had some experience or first person witness accounts of someone who has tried. Facts right? Not rumor or gossip?
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