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Man, so much support here. I really appreciate it!

I’ll be back on my next post with some actual progress. Just haven’t had time to post up this weeks pics/progress.

For now, here’s an overview of my plans for this build. I’m sure they will evolve somewhat as my knowledge base in eco-tuning increases...I know it’s a long/laborious list to read through, but this list is for my own records/planning as well, so please bear with me.


- Complete cleaning of all grease/dirt (including door/hatch jambs, engine bay, and wheel wells)
- Clean wheel-wells and spray with fresh black paint. Clean and paint calipers silver. Clean backside/inner part of OEM wheels. Paint OEM drums black.
- Attempt to restore original OEM Milano Red paint w/ cutting & buffing work.
- ABS grill block; small opening on left side (with black gutter-guard mesh) for flow to radiator
- ABS flush-mount fog light covers
- ABS extended front lip (fabricated to attach to, and lower, profile of existing OEM VX lip)
- ABS extended side skirts (fabricated to attach to, and lower, profile of existing OEM side skirts)
- OEM mirror delete on RH; DIY fiber-glass delete from old mirror on LH
- convex interior-mounted side mirrors; suction-mounted to windshield on both sides of vehicle
- upgraded rear view mirror (larger convex, or Wink)
- JDM-style thin side moldings
- JDM Stanley side-marker lights on fenders
- SiR-style clear corner lights w/ 1157NA bulbs
- OEM headlights with H4 LED bulb conversion
- Nokya Hyper Yellow H3 fog bulbs
- DIY windshield wiper air deflector (made of ABS, fiberglassed onto wiper cowl)
- OEM antenna delete panel
- Rear wheel skirts with hidden-type cabinet hinge incorporated. Use of red-anodized dress washers and allen-key flush bolts to attach (clean look).
- All black trim pieces and body lips/moldings restored to “like new” appearance with Duplicolor Bumper Paint and/or Forever Black die.
- Bosch Icon wiper blades
- Front wheel deflectors valance connected to extended front lip
- Metal Kammback spoiler fabricated to mount to existing OEM wing and hatch shock hole locations. Painted to match body.
- Some sort of rear decal or sign added to inform that I’m a hypermiler, or that I’m currently hypermiling. May incorporate some amber lights into this as well.
- Corrugated plastic added to entire under-carraige
- Rear under-carraige, chassis, and exhaust all painted with black paint for rust protection and good looks.
- Rear exit-splitter added to rear bumper
- Light (20%) tint applied to hatch and rear windows.
- Deep Scrub applied to all exterior windows
- Design and install custom Civic VX reproduced decal with addition of “With Lean Burn Technology” below; inc. green leaves into design.

- Install Alarm System
- Remove front seats and center console.
- Complete cleaning of all dirt/dust/etc; wash and clean windows
- Clean and vacuum carpets and mats
- Swap passenger seat to driver’s side (if possible); disassemble and take drivers upper-seat to upholstery shop for repair and restoration. Swap back seats when drivers seat is repaired.
- Remove door cards. Troubleshoot and repair internal issue on LH side causing slow cranking for window. Grease and clean all window tracks.
- Troubleshoot speaker issue on front two (main and tweeters) speakers; check connections
- Remove and clean cloth panels on door cards and arm rest. Let dry. Fiberglass re-inforce cracked arm rest lid. Re-install/Glue fabric.
- Repair tweeter mounts on both sides.
- Install iPod goose-mount on passenger side seat bolt.
- Steering column single gauge mount w/ vacuum gauge installed.
- Find/purchase used MPGuino for VX, create custom fiberglass mount and fiberglass into existing steering column pod gauge plastic piece, on side adjacent to vacuum gauge.
- Install “Lean Burn” green LED in-between vacuum gauge and MPGuino
- Paint “5” from shift knob with green paint to match Eco theme in cluster.
- Complete amber conversion to climate control and all applicable interior buttons
- LED bulb conversion for dome light.
- Upgrade head-unit to an amber-lit model, with SD/USB/Aux connections, SiriusXM, Pandora, and Bluetooth hands-free audio & calling
- Install traditional radio antenna and XM antenna on top of windshield
- Mount custom “A/C” system from bolts that hold sun visor. (Basically, a cigarette lighter-powered mini-fan, with a small siphon pump to mist water through fan. Very high tech!)

- Replace Fuel Filter
- Remove intake manifiold; Clean: TB, IACV, FIV, EGR and EGR ports; install new PCV valve
- While intake removed, replaced coolant o-rings for coolant pipe on back of block.
- Flush coolant system, check and ensure thermostat is operating properly. Check all hoses for cracks.
- Brush paint bare spots on valve cover with wrinkle black paint.
- Install o-ring for Dizzy cap
- Install NGK spark plug wires and correct “4” heat-model NGK plugs
- Check compression (again) to see if any gains have happened from running better oil and Engine Restorer for a couple thousand miles
- Troubleshoot and repair RH washer spray nozzle, not spraying currently.
- Replace broken washer line clip with proper junk yard unit.
- Marvels Mystery Oil for Gas Tank
- Replace front brake pads and rotors

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