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This forum has changed since it's time as a parallel to the Xprize.

Originally Posted by soulcrusher View Post
Do future posts and or logs require me to be standing by a state patrol officer, lawyer and notary whilst holding a valid license and birth certificate? But if that's your real picture you may not be able to read anyway. If you can maybe do some research, do some experiments. Not just talk to dorks at jiffylube. I've been building HHO cells, circuits and pcbs from scratch, reading (with a skeptical mind) testing, machining, probing (deep) and working to find any way to make anything work better. I'm not just throwing duct tape on my grill and calling myself an ecomodder. I'm actually trying to make vehicles run better the way people want them to. Ya know, like with an air conditioner and the ability to charge a phone, and drill batteries, and drive 70. With tools and materials in the back since I like to work and make an honest living.
Back then we had physicists, engineers and skilled makers galore. Now, we have this . . . and that.
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