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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
Don't just talk. Outline your plan and move forward describing your thoughts and theories and what your build will entail. Post pictures - people always like pictures. Give progress reports and setbacks. Be willing to take advice and make changes. Keep at it. Don't give up. Look at some of the builds that are ongoing on this forum. Most will span years. People will give you your due - even if begrudgingly - if you execute.

One thing I have noticed about people with tremendous ideas is, they often fail because they get lazy. They don't see their ideas through. Don't be one of them.

Look to Neil Blanchard's threads on construction of his ultra slick and light weight people mover as he has gone through the ups and downs of making his own CNC machine, a caved in workshop roof and all the sanding - lots of sanding.

Look through Old Mech's aero-trike build with his thoughtful execution of proven as well as innovative ideas.

Look at pgfpro's build thread for his turbo charged, high turbulence, extended lean burn engine that allows him 40+ mpg and a winning capability at the drag strip while showing off his fabrication skills.

Look in on young Dustyfirewalker's build thread as he attempts to run his truck on heavy fuels while making it all kick-ass, between class - as he finishes his engineering degree.

These builds, as well as others that are no less ambitious, show how to silence your detractors - get out there and do it.

Just keep coming back with more updates.

Finally. Thank you for the reply I was looking for. It's a numbers game. So yes pics. I used a powerade bottle with a rag to regulate air flow to see if the engine could even run. It did. Pics of the valve controlling fuel vapor from the top of the gas tank and a direct air pipe to the manifold. As I learned to lean low idle torque with my thumb I learned how leanest mixes progress to richer when power is needed. Pics I don't have because of evening and had much more power coming was from my bubbler that I made from a gas can and ran into my intake not using my fuel tank vapor and had much more power. I can in either case control air mix with my thumb over the air tube slowly opening the hole as I open the main engine throttle body. Very proportional I found. Not having 3 hands I used a long funnel and pushed with my stomach on that to the throttle link as I balanced fuel in one hand with the valve and air in the left by thumb. Idle needed a pinhole sized air intake since air was carrying the fuel vapor into the other tube from the bubbler. Calling for load with the ac on max and fan on max with lights on needed the stock throttle open more and less thumb over the 7/8" air tube. Obviously I need an air throttle body after maf and air temp sensor manually linked to the stock throttle body to also proportionally add air witb throttle. Being a frugal I decided to make a throttle body from a can of garbonzo beans.
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