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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
Sounds a bit like the boost converters used for chargers.... hmmm.... how about giving this thing the dual job of boosting the voltage to the motor and charging the batteries... I could really see the value of one in this case.
I believe that Ryan at Netgain Controls tried for an all-in-one design, not quite this combination of features ...:
- DC/DC converter
- DC Controller
- Buck/boost battery charger

He started out using the field coil of the series DC motor as the inductor (which is a BIG inductor that you are already carrying) for the battery charger. The DC controller has an isolated DC power supply for his electronics anyway, so he added another for the DC/DC converter, to run the 12V car stuff, and added his regular netgain industrial DC controller (with some upgrades, of course) to the mix.

That was the general idea of the product announcement at EVCCON 2012 but I have not seen the product available, even as beta or alpha. I expect that he ran into some sort of implementation issues.

Back to your question - if the boost controller is part of the input stage for the controller (which is where the batteries are connected) I don't see how the batteries could also be attached to the output of the boost controller ... so what did I miss this time, Paul?
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