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Hi Freebeard!

Ok, these are really rough dimensions; please don't do any real engineering based on them. If you get that close, I'd be happy to get accurate numbers...

Output flange to output flange: 10.7" (272mm)
Rear mounting flange to output axle centerline: 100mm
Axle centerline to front bolt hole Centerline: 305mm

Approximate motor outer diameter: 13"
Approximate overall length: 17"

dry weight (bathroom scale) 90.2 lbs

Yes, the spider gears are in the differential. It's a standard open differential. Also, the temp sensors are built into the stator.
It looks like the flange-to-flange length is close enough for a single MGR adaptation to work directly. However, that's only 50kW. Also, it looks (from the Scooby adaptation picture) that it may need to be mounted in reverse, requiring an external oil cooler/pump.

- E*clipse

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Anything, really. The proportions appear to be 1 motor diameter wide and high, and 2 diameters long. It looks like the ring gear is more compact with the teeth on the face rather than the flank, like most diffs. For comparison, here's a Subaru transaxle on the VW Type I frame.

There're about 10" between the forks, and I have no problem with moving the axles to behind the crossmember (using off-road racer 3x3 trailing arms).

I guess there are temperature sensors built in. Are the spider gears hidden inside that ring gear in the differential?


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