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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Actually, I think I'll try this. You can fuse the output cap of the boost converter and input cap of the AC controller into 1. So, the layout works out in an incredibly clean way. Instead of 3 IGBTs plugged into the control/driver board (like on the regular old AC controller), and also bolted to the ring capacitor, you have 4 plugged into the (not yet existing) control/driver board. And bolt all 4 igbts in exactly the same way to the ring capacitor. Then, instead of 3 cables heading out (for U, V, W), you have 4 cables. 3 go to the AC motor, and one goes to an inductor.
So it will be a redesign / expansion of the power section and some changes to the control section for the different processor and additional PWM output circuit.
Would that mean the same redesigned board could be used by the DC guys to have 4 IGBTs rather than 3? More power.
They probably wouldn't need so many isolated power supplies but maybe the extra component cost wouldn't be so much and you could have a standardised board for both DC and AC? Or maybe the layout could be made so that it was easy to use a single power supply for all drivers or populate out all components and have isolated supplies for each driver?
Would be neat to have a single PCB design that could be AC with boost, AC without boost, DC with 4 IGBTs or DC with 3 IGBTs and boost.
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