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Originally Posted by xbUser View Post
Blue07CivicEX: "coasting in neutral results in between 100 and 300mpg"
Does higher speed result higher mpg? (by common sense) 300mpg is coasting in freeway, 100mpg is coasting in city?
The SG will show higher mpg the faster you are going at the time. Keep it in gear when you are expecting to stop or need to slow down. If you coast at high speeds, its not unusual to get mpg in the high 100's and low 200's.

The last leg of my trip home is a level length of road that is 1.2 miles and that ends going down a small hill. I get my car up to speed, shift it into neutral, turn the engine off and coast into my garage at the very end. If I kept my engine running, the SG would probably show my mpg at around 170-200 at the beginning, and around 69 mpg just before I reach my driveway. However, with my engine off the SG does not work.
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