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Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
Sometimes, as with what you described, there is nothing that can be done. Sometimes you simply can't come out ahead, no matter what you do. Some neighborhoods literally have a stop sign on every corner. The people who live there and lobbied for it thought it would make their neighborhood "safer". (Usually this is the result of mommies who think their spoiled children have a right to play in the street.) It sure does slow things down. But forcing cars to constantly stop for stop signs or slow for speed bumps does not mean it is conducive to saving fuel. The agenda of enforced slowness is often not in synch with your goals (actually, ours).

When is the last time anyone has ever seen a stop sign or speed bump removed after it had been installed? Ain't gonna happen. It's the "more is better" mentality. It's busywork for local politicians.

Here is an interesting, unintended consequence of having too many stop signs within a limited distance: When there is a stop sign on virtually every corner, people tend to ignore them. That leads to more dangerous circumstances (read: car crashes) than if there were few or no stop signs.
You are exactly right! The people around here drive as if they are the most wonderful thing since sliced bread (NOT!)

Forgive me if this sounds needy but I would love if anyone could give me a complete hypermiling list for automatic vehicles

It would be very appreciated! I'm 24 and still new to this. I've been reading every article and watching every video online regarding this topic. I now hypermiling on my mind 24/7 lol I guess you can say I'm addicted
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