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As far as the timing belt, the previous owner claimed to have replaced it and the water pump at about 140k because the water pump bearing started making noise. He had a few pictures of the replacement and some receipts for parts. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find those anymore (it's been a few years) so you can make what you will of that.

The back seats are fine (see pictures). They could probably use a quick cleaning because they don't get much use/attention, but I'd obviously take care of that before the sale. I'm not sure where it was originally purchased, I purchased it in Holly, Michigan in December 2011. And the HX badge was missing when I bought the car, but if you look close enough you can just barely see the residue left over from the badge.

I apologize for the poor quality pictures, it was kind of dark as I was leaving work this morning. I can try to take some more this afternoon if anyone is interested.

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