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A fuel efficient Hummer...?

This Suzuki seems to be all over the place in Japan nowadays.

It looks like a Hummer (from a distance with eyes squinted) but it isn't.

Behold the Suzuki Hustler.
The Hustler Is Real: Suzuki Built This Wonderhatch Of Pure Amazement

A kei car obviously, with a FE rating of almost 30 km/l (70 mpg)...
4x4? Check. CVT? Check. Offroad capabilities? Err...
Originally Posted by Jalopnik
I still can't believe Suzuki actually built this thing and put it in dealerships where it was bought by living human beings. In this world of dour Volkswagens and front-drive Impalas, it's almost unreal.

Not only is it adorable, but you could get this thing with a fold-out tent! It's like an Aztek that doesn't make babies cry when they look at it!
Even the name is like 'Hummer' - just not.
Wonder what the owners manual looks like. Wonder what kind of customer they aim at.

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