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To safely work with the battery, you need to first flip a breaker behind a panel, and then wait 5 minutes. I flipped the breaker and proceeded to remove all the bolts, and it was nearly 15 minutes before I got inside the damn thing. I suppose excessive numbers of bolts is their other way of dissuading people from opening it.

For the record, I was hurt, but it was due to the aluminum having sharp edges.

The we're interested in is in the middle, between the DC-DC converter (left) and the battery (right).

Taking no chances:

The videos I watched and guides I read didn't mention that the quick connects had buttons on the side you have to depress, and I spent a while trying in vain to pull it off.

Positive and negative connected:

Fan power connected. Note how I mixed up the + and -.

Threaded the wire out of the rear-left of the battery box. The aluminum edges are SHARP and will cut wires (and your hands) to shreds, so use some tape.

Corrected the reversed fan wires at the molex:

Turned on the breaker and checked to make sure the diodes were installed correctly. 0v while connected to a live battery = good.

Battery voltage at the start - approximately half charge:

After 10 minutes:

Ready to head back inside:

Aaaaand what it looks like to the neighbors:

My assistant was quite ready to get back inside, it's hot even in the evenings here. ^

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