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Originally Posted by SilverCrown9701 View Post
I finally did it!!!

After 5 years of ownership of my 2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder w/ automatic transmission, I have broke my all time record of 30 MPG average.

My new record is 37.4 MPG!!!

I have slowly been incorporating hypermiling techniques over time to my different commutes/trips, but this past trip cycle I decided that a change was way overdue.

Here is what I did differently and let me just say that these worked GREAT!

-DWL on highway and backroads rather than cruise control.
-Refused to turn on my A/C...either windows down in town or vents open on highway.
-Kept a solid distance in heavy traffic jams to maintain my momentum.

I'm very proud of myself and this is just the beginning! Now there are a few more tips I am going to incorporate this next trip cycle and see what my final result will be.

This is not a bad MPG average at all for such a large, relatively "heavy" car, NOT to mention an automatic vehicle.

Happy Hypermiling!

Great work!

beat your last tank and you will be a hoked on making each tank better .......YKYAEM is coming your way....
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