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No pressure, but I'm betting the farm on you guys pulling this off.

I studied TV servicing in the 1970s, but at this point I couldn't get much beyond the 'like water in a hose' analogy. But I discovered Eric P. Dollard's —so now I know about Maxwell, Heavyside and Steinmetz and how the dielectric is as important as the conductor. I don't want to dissipate the momentum you have built up, but I wonder if Versor Algebra might be helpful, since:
It should be noted that Nikola Tesla’s original archetypal vision of alternate electric waves was his poetic versor rotation of the Sun-Earth relation. Needless to say versor algebra finds extensive application in alternating current theory. Read first part “Symmetrical Components” by Wagner and “Power and Double Frequency Quantities” by Steinmetz, (from his A.C. book), for advanced concepts.
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