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Best coolant I've ever run is a product made by Evans. It's a waterless coolant and it eliminates all of the problems associated with water based coolants. Changing over to Evans coolant requires COMPLETE removal of the old water based coolant. You can add water to the Evans stuff in a pinch (if you were in the middle of nowhere and sprung a leak) but you will need to flush and replace in order to regain the benefits.

The Evans coolant boils at nearly 400 degrees F and by using it, you eliminate all problems associated to corrosion caused by water based coolants. It also has a freezing temperature of below -40F and another benefit is that when it does freeze, it doesn't expand like water and pop freeze plugs.

Evans waterless coolant can also help fuel economy too. But not without some slight modifications. Because it doesn't transfer heat as fast as water, the engine temperature stays higher and if you have an electric cooling fan, you will have to figure out a way to raise the cycling temperature for the fan. Otherwise the fan will run more than it should.
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