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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post

On another note, I really need to look into the sources of those noise pulses closer. For example, I'm doing all this on a solderless breadboard. These are known to be the worst noisiest option out there. Simply using a proper PC board with a ground plane and well designed circuitry could get rid of most of the other spikes. I would like to use through hole components so anyone could assemble them, but surface mount components do have EMI advantages. I've soldered a lot of surface-mount components in my toaster oven.

- E*clipse

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On most of the breadboards I've tested in a noisy environment I have put massive numbers of .1 and .01 caps on all chip power leads as close as I can to the chips - and place them on all power lead, regulators etc... Helps so much to quench those transient spikes...

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