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Oh, now that's almost funny!

Of course - with slip, it IS worthless. For my motor with the reluctance torque, it's merely a fuzzy helpful (maybe) value. Since we're not doing servo stuff, the wheel's position isn't important either. whew! That sure took me a while to digest.

For noise concerns, I think it might be best for me to make this SMT, and use the other side for a ground plane. I'd hate for my board to cause issues on the main board. I'll also try to remind myself how not to infect the power sources. 5V, 12V.

- E*clipse

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Index is worthless for AC controllers. And for a resolver, where we are getting sine and cos values, index would also be worthless! So yes! Index officially becomes available.

I think you are right. As long as the microcontroller is receiving 2 voltages that correspond to sin and cos (or some distortion thereof) it's all good. And you are also right about those breadboards at high frequency, with edges. Absolute worst case scenario. That's actually another reason why I think it would be good to keep the high frequency pulses contained to your board. If it has to travel far along a pair of wires, that's going to have inductance, and then spikes as a result.
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