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OK, I believe I understand what you are shooting for: Using the lock actuator that you already have in hand to open/close the "flap" panel that you are going to install under the front of your car.

With what you've stated about the actuator "It is actually an power door lock actuator. Its a simple 2 wire device. Put 9V in one wire and it goes out, 9V in the other wire and it goes back in. There are no stop switches inside of it, so if you keep putting 9V in it keeps trying to go out/in.", let me propose this to you: Why not use the 12V available in your car already and use a DPDT momentary rocker switch directly attached to the lock actuator? It's simple and very cost effective, but does require you to pay attention to the engine temperature. If you are set on it being a completely automatic affair, I can understand that.

If you are set on going the completely automatic route with the programmable controller, it seems like a good route to go with that Arduino controller, as long as you're good with programming. You could use a thermistor placed against a radiator hose for a temperature input and program the Arduino for a set time limit of power to the lock solenoid. You should be able to easily set up one out put for close and another output for open based on temperatures.

So my next question is: how good are you at programming?

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