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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
Remove engine from car. I got it out without removing the transmission, but I had to rotate it in place first...
Ouch, i will never again be able to complain about difficulties getting an engine out.
Yours looked like quite a struggle. I had heaps of room at the timing belt end to move the engine clear of the transmission and i didn't have a mid drive shaft support to deal with.
How good does it feel though knowing that you never have to put that horrible oily engine back in again.

The only thing that made the engine removal difficult was having no access to an engine crane.

But after a lot of crazy lifting attempts it was out.

You can see how much of the wiring loom was able to be removed. All the loom from the left side of the photo is now gone.
Hopefully your loom can be simplified just as easily.

I liked the shots near the end of your video of the engine lying on it's side, defeated and soiling itself all over the floor.
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