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Not that anyone is in suspense or anything, but info below makes the info in the videos even LESS interesting ... if that's possible ...

Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
Looks like a fun project!
Fun, but in a scary sort of way. I'm an electrical guy and this is a pretty steep learning curve for me.

I'm not gonna thread jack with a link or anything
A lot of the fun of forums are the tangents we take. Post away!

if you need some EV parts, PM me.
Sure. I will PM. Right now I'm having issues with the accelerator. The Netgain Industrial controller wants 2 hall effect signals related by some formula. I can use their pot-box replacement .. but no one in Canada appears to sell it. Or their normal accelerator pedal. There is a setting for a Prius pedal ... do you have one of those?

What's the plan - clutch? No clutch?
I'm leaving the clutch in but since I removed the transmission I am told I need to 'bleed' the hydraulic lines to have it work again. Not sure if I will be successful on that one. But my old clutch plate with 370K on it will be my mechanical 'fuse' and tell me when I have turned up the controller TOO FAR ... I am told I should smell clutch when that happens.

Do you have a motor already? Controller?
Yes. Netgain warp 11 series wound DC with a Netgain Industrial controller.

Good luck with the build!
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