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Friend Jerry,
I believe what Sendler is hoping for is some alternative partial explanation for your car's fantastic, almost unbelievable, performance. But it's not you he is trying to put down with his analysis, it's the rest of us he is trying to help. Why? Cause you set the bar so high! I am waiting to move to a new location and when I do, I fully intend to build a Morgan-like 3 wheeler. But if that machine doesn't get at least 100 mph, will I feel like coming on here bragging about it? Mmm, probably. But under 80 mpg? Mmm.

Maybe we could set up a Jerry's Corner with Rod Serling doing the intro video over a sign that says something like: If you enter here, don't panic. We define success as EPA + 50%.

Jerry, we love ya, bro. Under no circumstances take this as any kind of criticism, cause it aint. Believe it or not, we will all definitely be there to cheer when you show us 100 mpg at 100 mph.
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