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Originally Posted by BobS View Post
Friend Jerry,
I believe what Sendler is hoping for is some alternative partial explanation for your car's fantastic, almost unbelievable, performance. But it's not you he is trying to put down with his analysis, it's the rest of us he is trying to help. Why? Cause you set the bar so high! I am waiting to move to a new location and when I do, I fully intend to build a Morgan-like 3 wheeler. But if that machine doesn't get at least 100 mph, will I feel like coming on here bragging about it? Mmm, probably. But under 80 mpg? Mmm.

Maybe we could set up a Jerry's Corner with Rod Serling doing the intro video over a sign that says something like: If you enter here, don't panic. We define success as EPA + 50%.

Jerry, we love ya, bro. Under no circumstances take this as any kind of criticism, cause it aint. Believe it or not, we will all definitely be there to cheer when you show us 100 mpg at 100 mph.
Nice cover for Sendler, but if anyone is looking for an explanation for Centurion's success they simply need to take the time to read this Centurion thread. Fabricating scenarios to help explain something is not what I'd call "looking for an alternative explanation".

As far as trying to help goes - this entire thread is very transparent with the exact intention of showing the details that one can do beyond what the original Centurion plans call for - but it requires reading and comprehension to understand how such things have helped (I thought the bore/stroke and timing issues were a key piece and prime example). The entire pre-during-post Green Grand Prix event has been extensively covered (with video too boot) - is there another thread this extensively covered I should use as a template instead?

Thanks for the compliment but I never set any bar. What I did is to take a proven design and revive it with many things I believe work. Then, rather than have anyone take my word for the successes, I was very upfront with my decision to go to the GGP (complete with 4 in-car cameras alongside approx 42 or so other competitors). It's one of the few events that are actually within my grasp to attend.

Most of what I've shown is not touched upon by most people so I freely share the info in hopes someone else will share in similar successes if they so choose to try them.. It's not bragging. My goodness - would it be better or more believable if I toned it down a bit? Or just left the GGP results with no details at all?

Also, save your cheers. I have no intention of going 100mph at 100mpg. I've exceeded what I started out to do and also predicted the outcome. If all of this is too much too soon please let me know because the current Centurion thread is going in another direction and will be more complex (in my opinion).. After reading your post, would you think it's more helpful to just end it?

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