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I do have a pot box, but it's a cheapo and kind of toast. A 0-5000K one. After sitting for a while the contact isn't the greatest and the throttle response is a bit jerky unless you give a few depresses of the throttle before turning the key on. I sprayed some electrical lube into it a couple times which cured it for a few months. I strongly suggest buying a genuine Curtis unit, as they have better internals. I would give mine away for $10. Probably less...ha ha.

Here's my parts for sale thread:

Not sure what's of use for you there.

I would strongly suggest keeping the clutch, which I guess you are anyway. Adds a margin of safety in case of possible [heaven forbid] "welded controller & contactor EV runaway" and makes shifting much easier. Not that EV clutchless shifting is that hard, but I guess quicker is the better word. Clutchless shifting takes more time.
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