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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
I use this thing, it's like a giant coolie. I put it in the fridge for about fifteen minutes, and it keeps my back chilled for the entire drive. It stiffens up into crystals when cooled, but if I forget it and leave it in the car all day it turns to liquid.
Got it for like twenty bucks when I was driving the Black Widow, which didn't have any AC, and I still use it in the Turtle, it's awesome!

Turtle has dark tint all around, and I also use sun shades front and rear. The rear is such a long windshield at such a low angle, what I did was get the giant size sun shade for suvs. I fold it over and shove it in the top hinge area, then pull it tight (longways) and slam the latch. This keeps the sun shade tight against the window. There is a little bit sticking outside the car in the rear, and it punched a hole in the sun shade, but it works great, and I'm sure it's keeping the battery way cooler using it. The car is barely warm when I get in, and I live dead center in the state of Florida. Between the tint, sun shades and my coolie for my back, I rarely use the AC.

I also have the rain deflectors on the doors which allow me to keep the windows cracked open all the time. They don't seem to affect the aero much, so I kept them on the car since they're so convenient.
A friend's mom makes those cooling things from scratch, she makes one that go over the head, like a do rag, bandana ones and little neck strip ones. They work freaking awesome. When you slammed the sun shade in the hatch, doesn't that make the hatch leak? Because may do this myself, because it's hotter than hell when I get in my car in the day time.
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