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Originally Posted by Rower4VT View Post
I actually I know a good amount about chemistry, and also researched hydrogen, how it's formed, and how much energy it takes to form it. Why don't you inform me on what you know about hydrogen. How big is your HHO water tank? How much water can you use before you have to refill it?..a cup?...a pint? If so, do you know how much hydrogen you can get from that cup or pint? If you know that, then you'd realize that unless you have a very short commute, and/or are filling the tank up everyday, then the extra mileage you get from burning hydrogen is extremely minimal based on what I found when I researched (1) how much hydrogen is required to be burned to get "x" number of miles, and (2) how much actual hydrogen you get from a cup or pint of water. I did do my research. And if this HHO is so great, and hydrogen is SO "combustible" then why not hook up a 10 gallon tank in the trunk and run it totally on hydrogen?!...I'd love to hear a scientific answer to that question. If it's possible, I will be converting asap. I'm not flaming, I'm just trying to point out the fraud that HHO is and save you all time and money. Thanks.
Ill be using 2 1 quart tanks, each will be cleaned and refilled with distilled water every 2 months. The car will not be running on pure hydrogen which I think you might be confused here its merely using less gas to run because im injecting hydrogen vapor where gasoline vapor is to fill the volume. Thus dramatically increasing MPG. I plan to tweak the water with saturating it in brown's gas for a few minutes before installing it, and adding a teaspoon of baking soda.

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