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Originally Posted by Quezacotl
I read most of the posts, but could'nt figure out the whole picture.
So can you summarize the project, in what state this is on?
Arid-zona? I for one was hoping for a more verbose response, because I'm wondering the same thing. And I'm invested in it working. I'm following the Eureka! moments and weighing of costs for specific components—but we're up to 116 pages here. If I could get the whole thing as a single text document, Mac OSX Summarize Text would do a good job of weeding out the 'me too!'s and winnowing the remainder.

Will this work with polyphase DC? What is polyphase DC? I picture AC sitting on top of a DC bias. Reverse works, right? Is regen in this release.

How many are in the field so far. How are they working? Very important — am I going to have to touch Microsoft Windows™ to interact with it?

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