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I have fixed everything that I started fixing, although I never finished the power steering delete, because the car always needed things that were more important.

Painting, though, I understand to not be something that just takes longer if you are still learning, if you do not know what you are doing, it will look bad, and then fail.

PGFPro, are you saying that I could pay someone else to paint my car for what the paint alone would cost?

I looked into repainting my car when I first purchased her. I read about paints that were allegedly as good as the name-brand ones, but much less, and they insisted that you could prime, paint, and clear-coat with one layer.

None of that made any sense to me.

Nobody says that it is worth redoing, but I could remove the remaining 99% of the paint with a drill and Scotchbrite, and pay someone else to actually paint? I would just need the ISO safety equipment and booth to actually paint, right? Not that I want to be breathing my old paint!

Well, it really sounds like I needed to ask you guys about this before I started. How long would touch-up paint last?

Crazing goes all of the way through the paint and primer, but you can barely feel it?

Someone tried to convince me to purchase Dad's Focus. She said that prospective employers look at applicants' cars and it made a big difference with dating, too. She said she used to do the hiring at a temp agency and used to send out minions to look at the car of people being interviewed.

That is a strange story...
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