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Here are some of the weights for what has been removed and what is going back in.
The weights removed from the car are real world figures weighed as each piece was removed. The fluid weights were derived from the service manual figures for each fluids capacity and the fluids Specific Gravity.
The weights of the items going into the vehicle are mainly estimates and so are likely to creep up.
Also these weights were from the first car i stripped (same model) and i removed the A/C Compressor in that one whereas i will be retaining it this time.
So it is really only 2 kilos lighter not the 8.7 shown in the table.

I haven't removed anything other than the ICE related stuff. I still have all the interior untouched, spare wheel, jack, factory steel rims all round, etc.
The weight of the 12v accessories battery may change as i am still trying to decide if i will use a small motorbike battery or some form of LiFePo4 battery. I am leaning towards the motorcycle battery as it will not require as much monitoring or charge / discharge control.

If i stumble upon some crazy cheap alloy rims i may swap them over. But so far i am happy with ~200 kilos (441lbs) removed.

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