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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post
I assume it's Department of Safety or similar regs that require retention of power steering?

What if you could find and install a manual steering system from another Barina? Being that it was standard equipment on an equivalent example, would that satisfy the regulations?
Afraid not, well at least not in my state here in Australia. I spoke to the engineer to see what was allowed and it was a big no. If the car was manufactured with power steering then it has to remain. The engineers are the ones that have the final say, they determine how each regulation is to be interpreted. If the regulation says the batteries need to be in a box and the engineer interprets that to mean quarter inch plate, fully welded and painted pink then that is what is required. After all it is their butt that is on the line if they sign off something and it is later found to be unsafe or the cause of an accident.

The National Code of Practice says
If the original vehicle was fitted with air brakes, vacuum assisted brakes or power assisted steering, an alternative source of energy must be fitted. The power and capacity of the new
source must be of sufficient capacity to provide efficient functioning of the system and meet all the legal capacity requirements.
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