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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
My understanding is that at least some Barina/Astra pumps only require a VSS signal to operate in this manor. I have a MR2 pump with only three connections, power, ground and VSS.
Yes, i am leaning towards the MR2 pump. Seems quiet and easy to wire up.
I like the idea of hiding it away under the front fender and only having the reservoir in the engine bay. That would save some space and neaten things up a bit, may even make it quieter once the plastic wheel well liner covers it up.
Also being able to just get it to run initially and then add a more controlled VSS signal later makes it seem easier.
I think the newer models of the MR2 pump have a few extra wires for things like diagnostics and warning lights. Those extra connections don't need to be hooked up but as i have a Power Steering warning light as part of the existing instrument cluster it makes sense to get the pump that can use it.
I think next week a friend wants to go on a bit of a scavenge at the wreckers so i will keep an eye out for a MR2 pump.
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