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Retort for hecklers
Show them the math.

The average person drives 15,000 miles a year. Your records show that is about what you will end up driving.


15,000 divided by 16mpg (EPA) average = 937.5 gal. x $3.13 = $2,934.37

15,000 divided by 20.7mpg your 90 day avg. = 724.63gal. x $3.13 = $2,268.11

A savings of $666.26 (how devilish)

Based on a average person that works 40 hrs. 52 weeks a year or 2080 work hrs.

$666.26 divided by 2080 hrs. = $0.32 per hr. after tax. raise (not bad)


$666.26 divided by 15,000 miles = $0.044 per. mile saved.

Or, as I like to think of it. Paying (rewarding) myself...!!!

As a added plus, less brake wear and unwanted driver awards (speeding tickets) and higher insurance all lend a hand towards saving money.

Remember all money saved is "After tax money".

Should gas go back up to $4.13 (most likely will)

Your yearly savings would then be $1,036.09.

29.4% over EPA with your vehicle is doing good.

However, you should plug in other vehicle mpg averages into the math above to see what your leaving on the table.

Take a car that can get 40 mpg.

15,000 divided by 40mpg = 375 gal. x $3.13 = $1173.75 fuel cost per year.

Or, half as much as your spending now.

With a car like a Mirage that is capable of (adjusted nut behind the wheel) 50 mpg straight out the box. You could be driving a new shiny car with the difference saved should you choose.

Math lesson over.


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