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"dual vtec" "3 stage vtec" please share what you know!

379Kcivic P.M.'d me asking this...

Originally Posted by 379Kcivic

1. If a '92-95 Civic sedan would be a doable candidate for the 3-stage engine?
2. And if so; which model would be simpler, LX or EX?

My commute is a pretty flat stretch of highway 75 miles round trip and have been thinking of this build.
For highway, I'm guessing the aero on your newer sedan is better than on the '92-95 models as to probably offset the slight weight gain. I've ruled out the VX motor simply because of the lower 92 hp rating. Done lots of reading and my concern is the p2j ecu for the manual as well as being about to wire an 'econo' light and keep it looking factory. Rambling!!! THANKS, TROY

1. I would say yes, at least I believe so
2. That's a tricky one to answer. You will have to change a bit of wiring either way, so in my opinion, either one will do just fine (I'd go for the cheaper one, but I'm a cheap-skate)

I invite the community to help me answer 379Kcivic's questions, and I'm going to put some stuff up to my photobucket so I can share my 3 stage / dual vtec info as well.

I'm also going to invite 379Kcivic to the thread and hopefully, we can all learn a little "sumpin-sumpin"


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