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Originally Posted by Chrysler kid View Post
Just went through a long article published in 1999, but basically the car needs to have a 5 wire 02 sensor to engage lean burn. The 3 stage VTEC contains the VTEC E cam settings that are used when the engine is up to operating temperature.

On the hx and vx the egr valve is used to quickly make the car go up to operating temperature so the car can run optimally under the vtec-e cam settings. If the egr valve is not functional the idle control valve makes the car idle higher so the car doesn't misfire at idle from the cam settings

Essentially your lean burn indicator is a stage 1 VTEC cam setting indicator for when the vehicle can operate at the vtec-e can settings. Otherwise the car operates in its second stage

Apologize in advance if I read it wrong
no prob, I'm here to learn too. but I'm pretty sure the indicator is as described. I don't hit second stage vtec until about 5200 rpm!

I have at least 5 stages of operation:

12v lean burn (no vtec) low rpm - not enough oil press. for vtec to engage cam anyway
12v non lean burn (full throttle)
16v lean burn (1st stage vtec 2.5k- ? rpm)
16v (vtec non lean burn about 3k-5k rpm)
16v WILD CAM (both vtec engaged 5k rpm - redline) I've had the motor "run away from me" while redline shifting and testing the vx tranny - rev limit was about 8k (jdm ecu) - first gear went to about 50, second to about 85, and then I chickened out

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