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No, Grandma should not hang up her license. She was operating her vehicle in a responsible manner. If everyone else were operating their vehicles responsibly, there wouldn't be anything to rattle her.

For instance, there's nothing wrong with me whatsoever. I'm not susceptible to undue startle reactions, and frankly not that much startles me in general. I'm in good health, have excellent reaction times, good hearing and thanks to expensive, high index lenses, good eyesight. But when a big sportbike went flying past me while I was merely tooling along, admittedly at 5-over, the bike pushing probably past 120, the sudden shock of its wailing exhaust note, the surprise of its appearance in the next lane when I hadn't even registered its presence in the rearview mirror, caused me to jerk my wheel.

Who was at fault? Not I. I was just minding my own business. But if there had been another lane, one with a vehicle in it, I might have wound up trading some paint. But behavior like that is not appropriate on public thoroughfares.

This discussion has gotten a lot of ink in the past in these forums, and you will never, ever convince me that it is somehow the regular motorists' faults for not being able to contend with irresponsible speeders, hotdoggers and racers. They are not supposed to behave that way on the public roads.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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