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Originally Posted by RP-CLMBR View Post
I have a 88 crx hf new to me and it has a huge heavy stainless after market getto blaster
and I think that it hurts my fe, I think these older lean burn vehicles especially pre vvtimeing engines relied on the small tight exaust back pressure to complete a efecient burn considering the valve overlap that was re quired to reduce the hi nox that they produce, so anyway I am going to put a oem exhaust and sell the cat back to a racer the problem I am not looking foward to is finding a oem that has oem back press, I had a cheap shop put a new muffler and tail pipe on my 3/4 ton chev and it sounded loser thjsn the holy one, chinise junk, is there a way to tune the stainless one it looks well made?,thanks Paul
I think the best bet is probably an OEM system. Does it have the original exhaust header? If the engine is running well, the original diamater of the piping from the header-back will likely give you the best FE. Muffler choice probably effects the situation the least, but I wouldn't choose a "high-flow" style. Look for OEM-style aftermarket versions.

Many of the aftermarket exhausts are either poorly designed for the application or are designed for running at WOT/Redline.

Honestly, I haven't figured out Backpressure vs. Pulse Width vs. Diameter of Piping vs. Length vs. Muffler Design etc. It's a complicated array of variables that I've left Honda to figure out in the beginning. Check out my links a couple posts back -- it sheds some light on the issue.

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