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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
Funerals - loads of them.

My mother dies about 14 months ago which was the start. Then my father in law died about 2 months ago, followed by a friend of mine suddenly from cancer, and then an old neighbour of my mum's who I got to know when she came to my mum's funeral.

Not been a happy time.

And now winter is here - dark nights, cold, and always very damp.

I'm thinking of migrating for the winter...
It's difficult to get through tough times and I'm sure you're putting one foot in front of the other just fine but I feel for you!
I had a really good friend that I worked with when I was in the bay area and on one single date (say July 21st, I don't remember the date) for 4 years in a row she had 4 people that were close to her in some way pass away on that single date. After those 4 years on that date she would always come into work and would never speak to anyone, it was completely understandable and yet one day somebody got pissed at her for not talking and she just exploded with tears.

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